The Pain Free Xray – Extra Oral Radiography

The Pain Free Xray – Extra Oral Radiography

The Pain Free Xray – Extra Oral Radiography

In conjunction with our recent move to our new space we have made many upgrades to our Practice to make it a more patient friendly experience.  One of those upgrades was the purchase of a digital extraoral panoramic machine, commonly referred to as a digital Panorex .  Digital radiography is a form of x-ray imaging where sensors are used instead of traditional photographic film. There are two types of dental radiological examinations, intraoral, with sensors placed inside the mouth, and extraoral, where the sensor is outside the mouth.  An extraoral X-ray image is commonly referred to as a Panoramic X-ray and is used to visualize a larger region.  We are excited to use it regularly at Hover Dental Group due to it’s many benefits over traditional radiographs:

Less Radiation – One of the most important benefits of digital radiography over conventional is the reduction in radiation exposure.  Digital radiography reduces our patient’s exposure to radiation by up to 70 to 80 percent.

Less harmful to the environment – When using digital radiography there is no chemical processing of the x-rays involved.  This eliminates any environmental impact associated with the disposal of conventional film developers.

Improved Patient communication – Digital X-rays are available immediately and can be enlarged and displayed for patient viewing immediately on the monitors in each operatory. This facilitates communication between Dr. Kochevar, Hygienists and patients, and improves patient understanding when they are better able to view exactly what is happening in their mouths.

As you can see, digital radiology offers many advantages when compared with traditional film based X-rays.  At Hover Dental Group we strive daily to improve the patient experience and our level of customer service and adding our new Extra-Oral Digital Panoramic X-ray is one way we hope to achieve that.

Come in and see us soon and see for yourself!!   -Dr. K