An Intro To Cosmetic Dentistry In Longmont

An Intro To Cosmetic Dentistry In Longmont


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White, evenly shaped teeth improve the charm of your face. Cosmetic dentistry provides many treatment options for individuals who want to improve their teeth. The techniques can be as simple as teeth whitening or as complex as bracing and bridging.

How does teeth whitening work?

Teeth bleaching products uses products including peroxide to provide the teeth a white and tidy look. You can either check out the cosmetic dentist or utilize a home-based bleaching system. Home-based systems use 20% peroxide but is a longer procedure, lasting for two weeks.

Cosmetic dental professionals in Longmont will begin the procedure by removing all the cavities from the teeth and guaranteeing the gums are healthy. Then a dental system for security of the gum is applied. Gels are then included on the teeth. Sometimes, high intensity lights together with 35% peroxide can be used to begin the lightening process. The light will oxidize the spots on the teeth, resulting in activation of peroxide.

You will discover the discolorations fade after an hour, therefore making your teeth appear lighter.

What is tooth-shaping?

Tooth-shaping is the most basic procedure and is an half an hour process. It improves the unwanted shape of the teeth. The cosmetic dentist can completely change the shape of your teeth or the shape of the upper ones to match the lower ones. Even the removal of percentage of tooth enamel will not trigger any damage in the long and short run.

What are Porcelain Veneers?

Porcelain veneers, also called veneers, are porcelain pieces that enhance the look of the front of the teeth. They also cover any damage triggered to the teeth. They have the same results as dentures or synthetic teeth. A cosmetic dentist would be able to provide the advantages and disadvantages of this treatment.

What is Resin?

Resins are kept on the teeth for a brief time to improve their look.

It is used to treat chips and cavities. The chips and cavities are filled with white fillings. The drawback is that these resins may lose their color after a long time, therefore losing their natural look.

What is a Bonded-Bridge?

Bonded-bridge is a porcelain or resin tooth with metal or resin wings on both the sides. It fills the gap left by the missing tooth. The Longmont cosmetic dentist removes a percentage of enamel from teeth on both the sides of the hole and then the bonded-bridge is clipped on the teeth to fill the hole.

What is Gum-lift?

Gum-lifting, or gingivectomy, includes eliminating some part of the gums to even them out and make the teeth appear longer. It treatments gummy smiles. A cosmetic dentist would be able complete the process in one or two sittings.

What are Braces?

Braces or orthodontics corrects the spaces between the teeth, providing an even appearance.

It is a two-year process to assist both children and adults.


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