Dental Exam and Evaluation

When you go to your general exam at Hover Dental Group, it’s a good idea to let your dentist know any concerns you have or past problems you have experienced. We pride ourselves on finding comprehensive solutions to any issues you may have, and we want to make sure every dental condition you may have is brought to light.

Medical and Dental History Forms

When you come into our Longmont office, you will need to complete a quick questionnaire and fill out details about your medical history. Make sure you give us correct and complete details of any medication that you are taking and other major operations or illnesses that you may have had in the past. Although such details might seem petty or even annoying to you, they can have a significant impact on any medications or treatments that our dentist may want to prescribe! You may fill out the New Patient Registration Form and your Health History Form in advance by downloading and filling out the forms on this page.

Visual Dental Inspection

Our dentist will begin your dental checkup with a small mirror and a light. He will evaluate your gums and your teeth to check for any problems such as gum disease, cavities, or any abnormalities which you may not be aware of.

Dental Charting

Examining and recording past dental work such as bridges, tooth implants, and fillings. Your Hover Dental Group dentist will check your teeth and take note of any fillings or restorations you may have. Any missing or damaged teeth will also be documented during the dental charting process. Based on this exam, follow-up appointments will be made, for each individual patient, for any dental procedures that may be needed to keep their teeth healthy and strong.

Dental X-Rays

This is one of the most important parts of any dental examination, as X-Rays can help diagnose cavities or other problems which exist around the foundation of the teeth or under the surface of your gums. Our dentist will ask you to gently close the teeth together onto a plastic or paper tab while the film is in your mouth. The films from this procedure will provide you and your dentist with a more complete analysis of each tooth’s condition. Hover Dental Group is proud to offer Digital X-Rays which emit less than 20% of the radiation of traditional dental X-Rays. We also offer Panoramic X-Rays which allow for a more comprehensive analysis of your jaw and TMJ.

Periodontal Probing

As a vital part of our routine check, your dentist will also want to carefully examine your gums. Your dentist will use a small probe to run around the base of your teeth to make sure they come into proper contact with the gums, and make sure the gums themselves are healthy. This helps your dentist discover specific areas in which there may be gum disease. It also helps us determine the levels of tartar buildup, and can be a useful tool in discovering cavities in your teeth and other dental abnormalities.

Circumstantial Dental Evaluation

Depending on the results of the initial examination, our dentist may want to preform additional checking or recommend a cleaning. Additional measures are based on your specific dental condition. At Hover Dental Group, one size never fits all. We custom tailor our examinations and your dental wellness plan specifically for your mouth. We always make sure to follow up with each and every patient to make sure they are getting the most out of their dental wellness plan, and to ensure your dental concerns and conditions are being addressed as thoroughly, quickly, and painlessly as possible. Call Hover Dental Group today to schedule your first dental appointment at (303) 684-9777.