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Your Oral Health is Just Part of the Picture

We hear pretty much everyday of a new trend to keep our bodies healthy and fit.  New fad diets, new exercise equipment, new shoes, new gear.  Yes, new is sometimes better, but don’t forget that those good, old fashioned, low-tech, user-friendly manners of achieving and maintaining our health are still out there!!

When it comes to your TEETH it’s a simple bristled brush, a little toothpaste and a piece of string!  Yep, that’s ALL you need to maintain your dental health and keep those pearly whites smiling brightly for years to come.  Well that and your twice yearly visit to see us of course!

When it comes to your fitness those fancy gadgets and gear are nice but not always necessary.  All we have to do is just get up and move.  Move more sit less, and of course avoid too much junk food, and we are well on our way to years of health and happiness.

At Hover Dental Group my staff and I believe that our health isn’t just about our teeth and gums.  It’s about our whole health and if we don’t focus on the entire picture then having pearly whites won’t get us too far.  That is why we are lacing up our running shoes this weekend for a great cause — to better our selves with fitness, let off a little stress and burn some extra calories with friends and fellow community members, and while we’re at it to sponsor a great organization, The Happy Smakah.   The Happy Smakah is a 5K fun run benefiting community members in the Longmont area.  You can check it out here:

Hover Dental Group will have a booth at the end of the event so come on by and say “Hi” after you’ve worked on your physical fitness and get some great items and fun gifts that will help you keep those pearly whites smiling bright!

-Dr. K